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When I sat down to watch **Ultraman: Rising**, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I had a general idea of who Ultraman was thanks to cultural exposure, I had never actually watched any of the numerous shows or movies in the franchise. Given my love for kaiju and giant robots—and my mom’s nostalgic fondness for Ultraman—I always thought I’d enjoy it, but I never got around to it until now.

With **Ultraman: Rising** being yet another reboot of the franchise and the second one produced for Netflix, I wondered if it would be a good starting point for newcomers and if it would stand up as a movie on its own. I’m happy to report that it does both remarkably well.

### Plot Overview

The film kicks off with baseball star Ken Sato leaving a potential championship with the LA Dodgers to return to Japan and play for the Yomiuri Giants. However, his true mission is to take over the Ultraman role from his father, who is unable to continue due to an injury.

Juggling his new baseball career with superhero responsibilities is tough enough for Ken, but things get even more complicated when a baby kaiju egg hatches in his home, making him the creature’s surrogate father. Now, Ken must learn how to be a superhero, a team player, and a parent, all while protecting Japan, aiming for the championship, and defending the baby kaiju from those who wish to exploit her.

### Film Critique

**Ultraman: Rising** successfully combines superhero action with the comedic struggles of parenthood. The battles between Ultraman and various monsters are visually impressive, featuring great design work, creative power usage, and clever use of the environment. Although most fights occur in urban settings, the filmmakers introduce enough variety within those spaces to keep things interesting, showcasing how giant creatures maneuver in such environments while minimizing damage.

On the comedic side, the film excels as a parenthood comedy. While it employs common tropes like tantrums and messy cleanups, the novelty of the baby being a kaiju brings a fresh twist to these familiar scenarios. Plus, the baby kaiju is irresistibly cute, making her a standout character that you’ll want a plushie of.

### Emotional Depth and Themes

Despite some rushed relationships and plot points, the film’s emotional arcs and nuanced themes are quite compelling. Ken’s developing bond with the baby kaiju, his reconnection with his father, and even the villain’s somewhat sympathetic motives add depth to the story. The film’s treatment of kaiju is particularly notable.

Unlike many tokusatsu stories that portray giant monsters as mere threats, **Ultraman: Rising** presents them as complex beings with emotions, lives, and families. While recognizing their potential danger, the film argues for their right to exist, offering a thoughtful perspective on their treatment.

### Animation and Art Style

The movie features a stylized, semi-cartoony animation style with slightly exaggerated but not unrealistic proportions and expressive anime-style faces. This approach works well for the kaiju and Ultraman, though the human characters sometimes appear slightly off, especially their hair. Designed to look like action figures, the hair moves with realistic physics despite its sculpted appearance. While this didn’t significantly detract from my enjoyment, it’s a detail that viewers might notice.

### Conclusion

As a newcomer to the Ultraman franchise, I found **Ultraman: Rising** thoroughly enjoyable. It may not be perfect, but it delivers fun action sequences, heartfelt emotional moments, charming characters, and plenty of laughs. It’s an entertaining film for families, and if you’re looking for something new to watch with your kids, this movie is an excellent choice. Just be prepared for Ultraman to become their new favorite hero.

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